7 Types of Retro T-Shirts to Wear for Any Occasion

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Retro t-shirts are distinctly an American-made style. Movie stars (think James Dean) and poets showed the world what a cool, effortless style the relaxed shirt had to offer.

Thanks to screen-printing advancements, graphic tees are now one of the most versatile clothing items around. The right t-shirt can up your style instantly. The trick is knowing what vibe you want to give off!

We've compiled a style guide on types of retro t-shirts to wear for any occasion. Whether you want to dress your look up or down, we've got you covered!

1. V-Neck Tees

This tee always comes back around. You can choose a small V or a deeper V-neck, depending on your style preference.

A heathered pattern looks and feels comfy. Basic black v-necks can give off a musician vibe, while basic white v-necks go with almost anything.

When buying a v-neck, be sure to try it on first. The fit shouldn't be too fitted or too slouchy; somewhere in between works best. Use clean lines to balance your look out.

Graphics for shirts can look cool with a small v-neck. Larger designs can be cut off if the v is too deep.

2. Name-Brand Tees

If you want to look like a big-time celeb, you don't have to get your own designer. A quality tee can turn a look up just as quickly.

Fashion bloggers everywhere are raving about basic tees with big brand names across the front. Gucci, for instance, has brought back their white tee with the classic Gucci logo front and center.

Who knew that such a practical piece of clothing would be so versatile?

Armani also has a variety of t-shirts to choose from, some more subtle than others. Some designs feature the brand name, while others feature catchy phrases.

If you don't want to splurge on a brand-name t-shirt, you can always hunt for a well-loved shirt in thrift shops. You'd be surprised how often old designs come back around.

3. Music-Themed Shirts

Music-themed shirts always come back around! Many great bands have shirts they sell on tour. That said, you don't have to attend the concert to snag the look.

Grow up listening to ACDC? Check out their 1983 destroyed tees for a seriously cool statement. Some of the best music-themed shirts are from the '70s and '80s!

Rocker shirts can even be dressed up for work with the right blazer.

If you're into Texas-grown artists, this Willie Nelson tee might be just your speed. It tells people two things: where you're from and music you're into!

4. Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are a more modern version of retro t-shirts. The bolder the graphic, the more casual the look.

Graphic tees are great to throw on for an interesting, eye-catching look. You don't need a sport coat or big accessories to rock the look. Let the graphic do the talking for you.

Graphic tees can come in different styles. Ringer tees are a great choice for any retro shirt budget. If you plan on going straight from yoga to your favorite drink spot, a racerback tank will keep you looking and feeling cool.

Graphic tees are also versatile in terms of size. Unisex tees are a popular choice for many tee lovers, and you can size down for a more fitted look. If you're looking to break your graphic tee in as a pajama shirt, you might want to size up.

5. Local-Inspired T-shirts

Let people know your love for your city right off the bat. Local tees can have images of fave spots around town, like Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis! Now you have a great conversation starter wherever you go.

Local tees aren't just for tourists anymore! You can represent your favorite food truck, record store, etc. with a fun design. Taco Tuesday just isn't the same without a margarita tee (margaritas sold separately).

If tacos aren't your thing but you love repping Austin, try one of our modern styles for shirts. You can sport a shirt with the state outline, or you can show off the natural beauty Austin has to offer.

6. Classic Retro T-shirts

The classic white tee is the simplest option, but it's hard to beat. Guys wanting to look like James Dean can pair their shirt with some denim and styled hair.

The holey look is good too. If you wear classic tees often, you might want to buy a few to rotate through during the week.

Don't worry; ladies can rock a classic tee too! Pair your classic tee with fringed shorts and some heels or boots for a fun, comfy look that turns heads!

The best thing about classic tees? They are super affordable and easy to break in. Cotton tees are extra breathable, and linen tees get softer with each wash.

You can buy a classic tee for a few bucks or customize it on the cheap!

7. Throwback Tees

The things we love most tell people a lot about who we are. A throwback tee ties in the best of modern style with a nod to cult classics.

Our Dolly tee is a great place to start; after all, who doesn't love Dolly? The only thing that would make it better is listening to one of her hits while wearing the shirt.

You can also look for shirts with your favorite TV or movie characters. These make great shirts for parties, letting people know if you have that passion in common.

Just remember: fit is key here. If your favorite childhood shirt is two sizes too small, you may just be able to find a similar design for adults online!

Graphic Tees for Every Style

What better way to express your own personal style than with retro t-shirts? Whether you're trying to style your look up or down, the right graphic tee is here to make your look happen.

Check out our t-shirt collection for more great Austin-inspired tees! We love to add new designs based on your latest style interests!

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