Flatter Yourself: 9 Amazing Tips for Finding shirts that Fit

Flatter Yourself: 9 Amazing Tips for Finding shirts that Fit

Did you know that people worldwide buy 80 billion clothing items each year?

Most of these clothing is disposable, and it’s hurting the environment. If you don’t want to contribute, you must get shirts you’re happy to keep for the next few years. That way, you have fewer clothes to trash.

Don’t dismiss this fact yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn some tips and tricks on finding the right-fitting clothes. That way, you can flatter yourself better. Read on and find out more:

1. Check the Shoulder Seams

This is the first thing you must check when you want to know whether the shirt fits you. When checking, you have to ensure it rests at the edge of your shoulders. It must not be on top or over them.

If the shirt you want fails this test, you no longer need to check its other parts. It’s unlikely for it to fit you well. This is the simplest step on this t-shirt guide, so always prioritize it over the others.

2. Check the Buttons

After passing the shoulder test, it’s time to check the buttons. See whether the buttons pull at the fabrics while reaching one another. If it doesn’t, check whether the shirt fabric comes apart between its buttons.

If it does, this isn’t a good sign. It means the shirt is too tight, so pick another one that fits better.

3. Try the Finger Test

In this test, you put two fingers between the collar and your neck. If this doesn’t fit the space, it means your shirt’s collar is too tight. Otherwise, if you can fit over two, your collar is too large.

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4. Fabric Pinching

This test aims to see whether your shirt is too big on the sides. To do this, hold up your left arm before pinching the fabric together at the sides. In ideal situations, you must pinch around 2”-3” of fabric.

If you can pinch more fabric than this amount, it means the shirt is too large for you. Conversely, anything less than the average means it’s too tight.

5. Check the Amount of Sleeve Room the Shirt Has

Wear the shirt and feel around the sleeves, checking the available room. An ideal feel is some tightness, but you must be comfortable enough to bend your arm without the fabric stretching. As for the armholes, ensure that it’s as high as possible without the feeling of restriction.

6. Look at the Sleeve Length

This is more important when you’re wearing long-sleeved shirts. Check where the sleeve ends after letting your arms rest by your sides. To ensure it isn’t too big, the sleeve must only cover up until your thumb dimple.

Your thumb dimple is the indent near the side of your wrist. To locate this, glide your fingers across that area and feel for the indentation. If it doesn’t end on your thumb dimple, it’s either too short or too long.

7. Look at the Neck Opening

For most shirts, crew necks are the default standard. But when thinking whether the shirt fits you, ensure that it isn’t too tight or too loose around your neck. A good indicator is how the collar looks when you wear it.

If the collar looks too stretched out or when you see a little of your shoulder while wearing the shirt, it’s too loose. You might opt for a V-neck instead, and that’s a good choice too. Avoid picking deep V’s whenever possible.

Seeing cleavage in men isn’t as attractive as some magazines say. Some brands have a deeper V-line compared to others, so be cautious. As long as the V won’t go past your armpits, it’s decent.

8. Get the Proper Shirt Length

When wearing the shirt, the proper length should be anywhere between the upper and mid crotch. It’s often a matter of preference, but the ideal is mid-crotch. The reason is that it prevents people from seeing your stomach when you reach up for things.

Another advantage of the mid-crotch length is you can tuck it into your front belt or pants. This breaks up proportions if you desire. It’s a good way to flatter yourself in front of other people whenever.

9. Discover the Right Length for Short Sleeves

When you opt for short-sleeved shirts, the sleeves must end around your mid-biceps. It should hug your arms lightly, ensuring that it doesn’t strangle your arms. Ensure that you have the optimal space around your bicep, meaning it must not be too loose.

If you do this, your shirt will look cheap and tacky, making your arms look smaller than they are. If you still want to get a particular shirt because it fits well anywhere else, get a tailor. Over 20,000 tailors reside in the United States, so it’s likely for you to find one who can make the appropriate modifications.

How to Get More Fashionable with Shirts

Now you know how to pick the right size for your shirt, it’s time to get more fashionable. One thing you can do is pick shirts with fun patterns on them. Find one with a certain degree of pizzazz, but never go overboard.

Picking clothes showing off your lovable personality makes it easier for you to start conversations. It’s an important thing to have when you’re attending an event you’re nervous about. To ensure it remains fun and subtle, avoid patterns with too much activity.

Neutral colors with simple but fun designs are often desirable. Use this principle when picking your next shirt.

Flatter Yourself With a New Shirt Today!

These are ways to find the right fit for your next shirt purchase. That way, you need not return any shirts because they don’t fit.

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