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New Austin Series Coming soon!

New Austin Series Coming soon!

Hi - We are designing a whole series of Austin themed shirts and we are so excited to show them to you! We have designed and printed one, we will be printing the second in the series next week. After we complete our Austin series we are moving on to a Houston and Dallas series too. They are all printed in CMYK and it's been so much fun to print these! You can see the video on our website or check it out here:

Here is a photo of our #1 in the Austin, Texas Series. We have it available as a unisex t-shirt in ice blue and oatmeal colors, muscle tank in a nice heather stone color. We have a few youth t-shirts printed but we don't have those on the website yet. We will be working with youth and toddler shirts - coming soon!

Austin Texas t-shirt by gusto graphic tees

I am going to be trying out this blogging thing so please be kind because I'm awful at using my words, I can draw you a good picture instead if you prefer. : ) Thank you for your time! 

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