Thank you to the healers of the world

Thank you to the healers of the world

We all need a little extra love and light during this covid-19 pandemic. This design came to me in a dream, it’s a reminder of all the people who are focused on healing and spreading good energy to the world. So many unknown healers holding space for healing, holding space for anxiety, holding space for fear, for hope and most of all for LOVE. It brings me comfort and I hope it brings you some comfort too! If you’re one of the doctors, nurses, healers, I send you a big thank you! Keep positive, keep shining, keep spreading your light! ✨🌍

Poem by @violet__vela ❤️

There are many beautiful energies

that give the world reason to smile,

to dance, to laugh

and then there are the breathing collections of

sun, moon, and stars, guiding us

through the darkness of a hurting world...

They catch the tears from weary eyes,

they help remind

the unwell that dignity

has not abandoned them. 

They do not let the human condition paint

a conclusion of sickness but rather

one of recovery, in the most lovely colors of hope.

If we see a tomorrow without the burden of pain, 

a tomorrow without the weight

of an unwell mind,

then we truly see the hand of the healer. 

Need a poem? Please support this local artist! Violet recently has lots of free time to write custom poems online since all of her events have been canceled. You pick your topic and your price and she’ll amaze you!

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