Groovy Austin Walnut Keychain

Sale price$ 12.00

Product details:
This Groovy Austin Walnut Keychain is a groovy way to stay organized and add some style to your life! This keychain is made of durable, smooth walnut wood and boasts a unique, retro design perfect for anyone who loves to stand out. So show off your personality in a groovy way with the Austin Walnut Keychain!

Natural hardwood walnut with a semi-gloss finish makes this design look great straight out of the laser. These hardwood keychains are made of natural products, so each is endowed with a distinctive pattern and grain all its own, and no two keychains are alike.

Coaster details:
Walnut keychain Size: 1" W x 2.5" H
Material: Walnut / Veg tan leather
Thickness: 1/8"